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Jen Olive Tells It Gently – Warm Robot Part 2

Right SideWith her heavenly APE debut album WARM ROBOT only a mere few weeks away, New Mexico’s neutron nymphet Jen Olive presents part 2 of the album podcast. Jen walks you warmly through such beautiful songs as the seashore seance ALL MY HEADS MEET, the lucid luminescence of WAFFLESONS DREAM and the sugar sad swing of HERE I GO.

This is one truly beautiful record that we at APE are very proud of. Captain Andy P himself mixed the music and even contributed percussion and little keyboard dabs in places. WARM ROBOT is released on March 28th but we will be making it available to pre-order before then, with the added bonus of a free download version for the early birds. We’ll update you on it all as soon as we can, in the meantime enjoy part 2 of Jens podcast.

Complete & Utter Dukes Box Selling Fast

Dear Earthlings, not only did we create the extraordinarily beautiful COMPLETE AND UTTER DUKES boxset, we now find they’re going VERY fast. Dont delay in ordering this sumptuous set packed with vinyl albums and single, CDs, jigsaw and special T shirt, because we are committed to making a VERY limited run and you wont want to miss this ultimate Dukes-out. We wouldnt want you to be cursing yourself later,what with Yule around the corner and all.
So before you dash over to the shop and snap up a pre-order, linger a while and remind yourself of how spot on/stupid/super/superior and singalong the Dukes of Stratosphear are by taking a peak at the video for ‘Mole From the Ministry’.
Thats in the box too!

Order your BOX

Lighterthief – My Dream Sea

Out of all the nine tracks I produced for Ape last year this is my personal favourite.
It’s got this strange dark undercurrent going on- with monks chanting and a lot of dissonance-some people find it quite hard to listen to but it seems absolutely perfect to me—balanced-but just teetering on the edge of disaster.

I played it to someone once in headphones and they said it felt like their head was being pulled apart!! Someone else described it in a blog as sounding like “making filthy love in a railway arch, whilst on acid, in 1940s New York”. Which of course I was thrilled by.

When it was in its early days as a bunch of unconnected noises put together by me and Andy, I played it to some other singers to see if they were interested in contributing to it- the reaction was “no- its shit!!”.- hahah – But Jen took these completely random bits of music and glued them into something completely different. From then on it just needed organizing and arranging. I spent months lovingly tweaking and moving it about in a dark obsessive manner.

The video came about as I was messing about watching old cartoons and simultaneously listening to music. I slowed down a Little Audrey cartoon from 1949 to half speed and it’s as if it was made for it- quite spooky really.

It’s on the Hard Listening EP which of course everyone should buy.

Sample Andy’s Powers

The limited edition CD by Andy Partridge called POWERS is exclusively available from the Ape Store but is going fast. Hurry or you’ll miss bagging one of only 500 copies of this spooky set of sound pieces inspired by the sci-fi art of Richard M Powers.
Here is a taster of the project. The first piece from the disc and a collage of some of the sensational book jacket art that caught Andy’s imagination at a very young age and led ultimately to this release.

buy Powers CD GBP 19.99 inc VAT

Jen Olive – Querquehouse VIDEO

From Albuquerque to the UK. Ape’s latest signing Jen Olive, makes a quick dash over to our shores to promote her astounding new album ‘Warm Robot’ released on 29th March, with a series of live shows this month.

To coincide with the dates here’s the NEW video for Querquehouse, made by Jen and shot in her home town Albuqeurque.

Check out the rest of the shows. The whole of the Ape Crew were out in force (including Ape master A.P) in Swindon to watch Jen’s first UK show. We were all mightily impressed.

BUY Warm Robot

Jen Olive – Querquehouse LIVE

Right SideOn her recent trip to the UK Jen was filmed giving this rather divine solo rendition of the song Querquehouse from her brand new album WARM ROBOT. buy

With camerawork and lights by Mitch Keene, and the sound captured by APEs Stuart Rowe and Andy P, Jen sits and fingerpicks her way through the song in a mesmerising fashion. If this is the quality of her performances then you’d be a silly billy to miss her when she arrives in the UK next week for her one woman mini tour. Check out the tour news item for details, in the meantime drink in this film and enjoy.

XTC New Compilation Round Up

Hello, your dear helmsman Andy Partridge here. I want to pick your brains and I have my hand whittled cocktail stick at the ready. XTC would like to release an APE version of RAG AND BONE BUFFET, hooray! lots of new notes, photos and a sparkling remastering job. Thats all good, but we also think there is a sister volume to be found. Yes, another herd of B sides, extra tracks or odious oddities that found themselves escaped into the wider world and we’d like your help in rounding them up.

The new disc has a working title, BRIC-A-BRAC BREAKFAST, and we already know some of the songs that will be included. Tracks like SPIRAL, SAY IT, WHERE DID THE ORDINARY PEOPLE GO? etc. What we’d like you to do is if you can think of a favourite piece of missing work from XTC {the 12 inch remix of KING FOR A DAY anyone?} then post your suggestions as comments below. What tracks can you think of that may have slipped the net? That aren’t included in RAG AND BONE, or aren’t sitting snug on a regular album somewhere, something you would like brought back from the grave?

Happy tapping, and i’ll be over to look at the results shortly.

Jen Olive Tells It Gently – Warm Robot Part 1

Right Side APE’s latest signing is the jensational JEN OLIVE and by way of introduction to this astounding allegro algorithm from Albuquerque, we present you Jen in her own words as she takes you on a jentle aural ride through her forthcoming album WARM ROBOT. Its no lie to tell you that everyone who’s heard fragments from this truly beautiful record has nothing but immediate love and delight springing from their lips, we think you will too, it’s something very special.

Join Jen here in part 1, and hear some of the landscape behind the songs ROBOT BOY, WIRE WIRE, SET IT ON FIRE and more. The album will be out in February 2010 but if you cant wait to hear the jewels in the box (and they really are), then listen here for a tour inside the head of the warm robot herself.

The Shape Of Ape

Hello its Andy here,your Dear Helmsman,Rex Random,Bossley,Casper Melchior,Animal Jesus,Lord Andrew English,Sir John Johns etc.Fancied giving you all a sort of state of the union address about the shape that APE is in right now.So,where to begin eager readers?,sheesh,lets just blunder in I guess?
Firstly I’m immensely proud of all the artists on the label.The music they have made or are making right now genuinely thrills me.My dream of building up a quality stable of thoroughbred musical giants is slowly gelling.Thats the thing you see,because its my label I dont have to take things on for purely commercial reasons,I only sign up the musicians that{selfishly} press my joy buttons.I’m not rich,just very particular.I cant stretch to stuff that I might feel would sell a few copies just for the sake of it,I have to LOVE LOVE LOVE each and every one of them.Wont take on catalogue to bulk up or use as ballast.Its personal,and surely thats the reason to run a record label.Proud dad me.
I’m also a sleeve art and packaging slut,cant get enough of it,the whole visual look of the object is in my genes and I have to be honest I dont know what gives me a bigger thrill,the sounds or the sleeves they come in.Its simply a big turn on for me to get involved in any way with the ‘look’ of a record.Downloads dont do it for me,I have to have the package for the visuals,the smell,the tactile experience,the ikon factor,the ‘thingness’ of it.Of course I realise you young beatniks want downloads in this Sputnik era and we try and supply them at a good competitive price.Someone recently asked should they buy APE artist downloads from APE or other suppliers,itunes,Amazon etc? Well,the simple answer is buy them from APE as the artist gets a bigger slice of the pie as we have to pay a fee to these other suppliers.Buying from us means there is more pie to go around.Let us know if you’d buy vinyl from us too,as its an area we’d like to go in more and more,starting with the Dukes and upward.
Dont stop sending in your demos O noisey ones,I am VERY behind in going through everything but it does all get listened to I promise.A word on this process.Its great to stub my musical toe on things you never knew were out there and I think thats how I found all of our artists.The simple “here is my recording,give it a listen”.Who could have predicted that i’d flip whats left of my wig for Veda Hille or Jen Olive or the Milks.They were all just pulled out of my mail box.Remember though,because APE doesn’t have the funds to finance big studio recording budgets,everybody has to have either paid for their recordings themselves or to have recorded them on their home set up or similar.Because we dont keep your recordings like most labels,we dont pay to bring them into existence.We lease them for a while,you own them.
If you’ve sent stuff in and havent heard back it means one of several things.I either didn’t get to it yet,or I just didnt get it once I played it{which doesn’t mean its bad,its just a personal taste thing}OR I thought it was really good but didnt want to take it on just to shift units coldly.Remember its got to float my little blue plastic boat,nobody else’s.Sometimes I get stuff thats rather good but I just dont know what to do with it.I did think we might see a few book manuscripts or art portfolios but next to nothing so far.Warning! I have a low threshold for fiction these days if you’re thinking,but we do seem to have gravitated by default to being a record label.
The coming year has some great stuff sighted off the port bow of the good ship APE,dont think i’m giving too much away by saying we’ll be working to bring you some wonderful XTC releases,the aforementioned sultry songstress from New Mexico Jen Olive’s album Warm Robot is ready to go.An album by the brain juddering Lighterthief,more perfect Pugwash and some things that are so secret that I haven’t even decided definitely on them myself yet.Maybe your music will be amongst them.As to be expected,for every project that gets released there seems to be a near miss with another group or artist that doesn’t pan out for some reason or another.Perhaps they didn’t really have enough material to make an album or they weren’t REALLY serious about a career in music,or perhaps ol’ finicky here just changed his mind.Keep sending though,you never know,but dont do it just for a joke.Incidentally I have fallen foul of a couple of people who couldnt take my suggestions to improve their album.I guess that meant they weren’t ready.
If anyones wondering “is Andy just making himself rich with all this?” the straight answer is no.In all the time that APE has been in existence I haven’t taken a penny from the company coffers,its all been left in to plough back into the next artists,the next projects.Of course I’ve made some money from my own artists royalty,and so have the majority of the other artists that sell enough to break even and onwards,so please support us and buy from this site whenever you can.We all appreciate it very much.
Although I cant run away and start up an airline business yet{HA!},I can promise you that we’ll do our utmost to bring you great work at a fair price for as long as we can.I couldnt have done this {oh dear i’m going all ‘oscar speech’ on your arses now}without the brilliant work of artist Andrew Swainson,my trusty captain Steve Young{and the lovely Gillie} and Jon who has to make sense of all money coming,or more usually,going,not forgetting all of our site maintainers and press and promo people.Cheers chaps,you’re brill.Mostly,thanks to you dear followers for helping to make this all possible.Onwards and upwards.


Giddy – Pugcast Part 3

Pugwash’s Thomas Walsh And Keith Farrell take us through the last of 3 podcasts to conclude their oratory for the last 5 tracks of their new compilation “Giddy”. Hear how Ape maestro Andy Partridge made his contribution to project and a tribute to that great psychedelic instrument the Mellotron.

buy Giddy